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Astrology: blowing away the cobwebs

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

15 – 22 March 2020

There’s always a lot going on in the skies, and this week is no different. 

By week’s end, we’ll see a significant shift both personally and societally, which follows on from the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2019/2020.

Hold onto your hat.

It’s so full of possibility, it’s about to pop!

And the theme is very much out with the old, in with the new – on a far bigger scale than our human brains are used to.

Yes, that can trigger some existential ACK! – but as ever, moving forward into the unknown with calm courage will see you with better outcomes than panic or mindless fear.

As mentioned last week, Mercury re-enters Pisces after his recent Retro period. Expect to have an unusually high ability to articulate dreams, and a preternatural capacity to simply drop old, unhelpful ways of thinking. Whatever brain drama tends to play in your head on the regular? Be ready to simply DECIDE it has no validity, and move on.

Sun enters Aries, bringing a fresh energy of courage, boldness and a willingness to undertake seemingly impossible quests. Personally, you may find yourself ready to claim your spot in the sun, in ways you’ve previously found too big, too difficult, too challenging or just plain scary. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself doing something out of your usual comfort zones and saying “oh, this is cool – look at me, doing The Thing”. No big deal.

Vesta enters Gemini next. This asteroid, named for the eternal sacred flame goddess Vesta, indicates the flame of passion within, especially the passions of heart and the hearth. Here in Mercury-ruled Gemini, she blesses any work we want to do about burning away old outdated thoughts and inner dialogue; and she provides fuel for us to step out into the places we feel vulnerable. This is a time we might say “I’m really fired up about xyz” or “I want my work to fight me up”.

But the big news this coming week is Saturn moving into Aquarius at the end of the week.

We can use those other dynamics to help us get lined up to take full advantage of this bigger, slower change-fest.

Many speak of the Age of Aquarius as beginning when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023, where he’ll be until 2044 – a good long time for this amazing energy.

And some are calling Saturn’s move into Aquarius the beginning of that age. 

What do we know about the possibilities here?

Saturn is the cosmic taskmaster and mentor. His agenda is to get us to do our stuff in the world, to do the work properly, to take the steps and not miss anything. He is all about authenticity and a stoic readiness to knuckle down and do what’s needed.

Since December 2017 he’s been in his home sign of Capricorn, which emphasised his ‘get shit done’ dynamic.

While there, he met up with tiny-but-mighty god of deep change, Pluto, for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we’ve all been experiencing throughout 2019, peaking in January.

It’s like every structure and system was examined, pulled apart and picked over for weaknesses and holes.

It felt heavyAF and like wading through mud, but it was extremely useful.

Now, as Saturn prepares to move into Aquarius, everything changes.

For a start, this is breezy Air so there will be a lightening, a sense that we can take a collective deep breath despite the headlines and what’s going on around us.

But it’s also the sign ruled by rebellious Uranus, and that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

Aquarius is all about our own personal connection to the collective, the social groupings with which we have contact.

Aquarius knows how to ‘do’ humanitarian work. It understands how to love a community of people – whether it’s our own social circles, our colleagues, our clientele, our neighbourhoods or the world as a whole.

And at the same time, this sign is ruled by Uranus, whose agenda is all about independence, autonomy, individuality expressed large, and the freedom to do and be whatever he wants.

Look at the image associated with Aquarius.

Although this is an Air sign, its symbol is the water-bearer.

It’s always a human figure, carrying a container of water which is being poured into a larger body of water – traditionally a lake or pond or pool.

It represents the core quality of Aquarius, which is to bring new and innovative concepts, ideas and knowledge to the collective.

But the figure is not IN the water.

It kneels or stands aloof and separate, beside the water.

Aquarius represents our ability to love and support and work for the good of the collective; while simultaneously being able to maintain emotional distance so we can make the difficult choices.

It’s intellectual curiosity on steroids, along with a desire to lead and share the new ideas for the benefit of all.

So when we have Saturn moving into Aquarius, we’re going to see an upsurge of new ideas, new technologies, new inventions and innovative solutions. And an ability to apply them with cool, calm rational thought.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius we saw the invention of the world wide web.

Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 is fertile soil for the invention of equally world-changing ideas.

And that’s not all. 

Saturn is currently lighting up the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus.

And Uranus sits in Taurus, the sign associated with our relationship to our own physical resources.

The body.

The planet.

The innovative inspirations kicked into action and made real by Saturn in Aquarius will have a direct and edgy impact on our relationship with the planet and with our own bodies.

Personally, this is a brilliant support for us to find novel ways to take care of our health. 

Socially, it’s a powerful support for breaking with the old and making space for the new.

The most obvious way to see this at play is with the impact of COVID-19. 

When China realised the nature of this new coronavirus, they swiftly shut down all industry and transport in Wuhan province (much easier to do when those things are state owned and you can bring in the army to build two hospitals in ten days … but I digress). As a result, carbon emissions in the region dropped dramatically, as evidenced by data collected by NASA

Cruise ships practically stopped running in the region overnight, meaning they stopped polluting via their notoriously dirty fuel and high levels of rubbish dumping. Air travel, another major source of emissions, has been radically curtailed. It’s not enough on its own to stop climate change, but it shows how rapid the impact can be when we stop certain activities.

Unfettered capitalism and the “let the market decide” ideology is being exposed as vastly unsustainable. The USA declined free World Health Organisation COVID-19 tests in favour of paying for US companies to make new tests (which didn’t work), while South Korea provided free drive-through testing. The likely outcomes will speak for themselves.

People are rethinking how they consume and how they live, especially those in voluntary or mandatory lockdown. Taurus loves to be a good steward of resources, so Uranus here is very happy to grow veggies in pots and learn to bake bread and find ways to make-do-and-mend – even when the rules of society say ‘thou shalt worship the almighty mall and crave the latest shiny thing”.

Business will have to reform itself. The gig economy is showing its flaws, with individual contractors having no support for health care and/or sick pay to see them through self-quarantine. Businesses which look after their staff and welcome innovative solutions are far more likely to weather the current situation that those which cling rigidly to old habits. And innovative technologies such as video conferencing will enable telecommuting for far more people.

Communities are coming together as we hear stories of people sharing goods that have been in short supply. In my small town, a little boy took his toy wagon full of toilet rolls, dispensing them to any neighbours who were in need. A friend in Melbourne is ensuring her neighbours have what they need, including someone to talk to over the fence. And we’ve seen Italians keeping spirits up during lockdown

Conservative politicians who had previously claimed the virus wasn’t a big deal, or even claimed it was a hoax – in Australia and in the USA – are testing positive for COVID-19 and going into quarantine, demonstrating clearly that when it comes to nature, she doesn’t give a shit about how rich or powerful you are. And in fact, if you’re glad-handing folks who are claiming it’s all fake news, she just might infect you sooner (totally my own personal theory).  

This is a moment in time when insubstantial structures and systems face deep transformation, shaping them into something brand new and inventive. We might not yet know that shape. But it’s coming.

And transformation requires the death of the old. 

We’ve seen the dinosaurs of white supremacy and authoritarianism fighting tooth, nail and claw to survive. 

I’ve no doubt we’ll continue to see it for a while.

I also have no doubt its end is near.

This is where Saturn in Aquarius really rules.

Aquarius knows how to love the collective while being dispassionate about the individual.

I have family members whom I love dearly, in the high risk groups. So I do not take this situation lightly and I do not dismiss the personal danger to them and others.

But I also know that I can take a very, VERY long step back and see the potential for this virus to spark enormous change for the better – even if it isn’t complete in my lifetime.

And this virus is not the only factor at play.

I’m not sure we can comprehend yet just how much potential for change there is ahead of us. The fun part? We get to choose how we navigate it!

I’m choosing eyes wide open, research-based fierce optimism, because I know that a human brain in an information vacuum will make up the scariest shit, so that’s not an option for me.

How about you?

Making the most of this week

  • Let Mercury in Pisces help with shifting old stuck thoughts both personally and politically. Be open to new ideas and information, but wary of anything which smacks of conspiracy theory craziness (I can just about believe China might have secrets, but if you try to tell me there’s a deep conspiracy between China, the US and Australia – well, I’ve worked in Canberra and I’m sure Washington is no different. It’s gossip central and nobody could possibly keep those kinds of secret for long.)
  • Let Sun in Aries boost your courage and your spirit of bold adventure. Imagine the new territory we’re all facing is a kind of quest, a hero’s journey where our survival and our thriving depend on each of us helping take care of the whole of us. Turn that Aries courage towards finding ways to stay informed without panicking.
  • Let Vesta in Gemini illuminate and fire up your capacity for communication of all kinds; and also your willingness to state your truth. Here, we can tap into Vesta’s fire as a way of burning off anything that doesn’t stand up to the scrutiny of effective research. Check your sources and be willing to help others find their sweet spot of good solid information to help reduce anxiety. (Some people think avoiding information is a good way to reduce fear, but actually in the absence of information our brains will make shit up, so even if the information seems scary, it’s ultimately useful to know it – because then you can plan).
  • Let Saturn in Aquarius begin to light you up for the fabulous inventiveness and innovation that’s heading our way! On the societal level, you can simply keep reminding yourself that this, too, shall pass – and what lies beyond has huge potential to be much better than what’s gone before. On a personal level, don’t be surprised to find yourself brimful of new ideas, new concepts and thoughts that you just long to share. There is no rush here. Bask in the fresh new energy.

With the Saturn into Aquarius action at the end of this week, think of it as the opening bars of a long symphony which stretches on into 2023 and beyond.

It’s grand and rich and dense and full.

The opening bars give you clues about what is to come, but the melodies and themes and motifs are yet to be fully revealed.

Let the opening bars fill you with as much delight as you can muster.

And remember the words of medieval mystic, Dame Julian of Norwich: “All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well”. 

Exact times (US Eastern timezone):

  • 16 March, 3:42 AM – Mercury enters Pisces
  • 19 March, 11:49 PM – Sun enters Aries
  • 21 March, 1:06 AM – Vesta enters Gemini
  • 21 March, 11:58 PM – Saturn enters Aquarius

Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. A keen student of astrology, brain science and conscious creation, she is devoted to optimism, and the concept of resonant joy arising when we express our own unique life mission in the world. She serves her people through astro-linked life coaching, teaching and writing. To get Janette’s highly useful perspective on your own chart, visit her website or track her down on Facebook.

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