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Astrology: Full Moon MAGIC

by Janette Dalgliesh
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We are all going to have a rad Full Moon in the next couple of days, a glorious big radiant celebration of POSSIBILITY made real.

She’s in Taurus, home of sensory delight and our own physical, tangible resources.

It’s a good time to look at what’s immediately around you and focus on what’s beautiful.

As I sit at my desk, I can see trees and sky beyond the crappy old tin fence. I choose to focus on the trees, not the fence.

I can hear the sound of a whiny new puppy somewhere in the neighbourhood, and the vacuum cleaner at the other end of the house. I choose to focus on ‘OMG how much do I love that I outsource cleaning while I do the FUN stuff of bringing my work to the world??’ and not ‘oh, poor sad puppy’.

And, as usual – there’s more to this Full Moon than meets the eye.

This Full Moon activates Uranus, the god of unexpected and sudden change.

And it’s happening while we have a Mercury Retrograde in progress (and Mars Retrograde, for good measure).

It’s a perfect time for breaking out of old ways.

For best use of this astro-weather event, set your focus towards GOOD kinds of sudden change.

Imagine smashing the old, unhelpful paradigms.

Imagine what’s on the other side of that metaphorical prison break.

This is an energy which fuels miracles out of the blue.

And here’s the catch.

You get maximum benefit by planting the seeds right now, anticipating great outcomes, and then letting go of the need to control it.

If you try to control it, that’s a form of restriction – and Uranus wants true freedom.

If you try to control it, that’s like trying to organise your own surprise party. It usually falls flat, it limits the possibility for something TRULY beyond your wildest expectations, and it kinda spoils the fun.

We humans aren’t always good at this part. And that’s okay – however much you manage to pull off the letting go of control, it will help.

So, what can you do?

Start practising the thought “I am someone who always receives delightful surprises” or my personal favourite “I am the mistress of miracles!”

For best results, do both.

And then, let go.

And if anything has been feeling like it’s particularly stuck, remember that Uranus is like the ultimate “Shawshank Redemption” planet.

He’ll bust you out of that shit, because he gives zero fucks.

So point this Full Moon energy at what you want, then let go of effort or stress – because a rule-breaker like Uranus doesn’t bother with that shit either, especially in Taurus.

Put all your ‘work’ over the next couple of days into those new thoughts about YOU as the recipient of delightful surprises.

And enjoy!

PS if this sounds like it will be difficult to pull off because you feel like your brain is addicted to controlling everything, or you’re terrified of surprises – all the more reason to do this work. You have a little time. Practise those new thoughts like a boss.

PPS making change on your own can be hard work, because you’re INSIDE the old paradigms and stories being told by your brain. They become very convincing. Helping you change them is my wheelhouse (Taurus Rising) and a conversation with me is the best starting point. There is literally no time like the present.

Full Moon times:

  • New York – 31 Oct, 10:50 am
  • London – 31 Oct, 3:50 pm
  • Melbourne – 1 Nov, 1:50 am

Janette Dalgliesh helps successful rebel women create joy-filled relationships with their own lives, busting out of feeling trapped, bored or miserable. She uses her unique blend of astrology and neuroscience-based coaching to support her international clientele — the poets, the politicians, the artists and the entrepreneurs — so they can do work which makes a difference, make great money, and experience joy, deep in their bones.  Find Janette at her website. 

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