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Astrology: trusting the weather

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

When a sailboat leans over too much in high winds, a good sailor will ease the mainsheet (main sail) a few inches. This twists the upper half of the sail a little, letting the strong wind ‘fall out’, and keeping the boat more stable

We can do the same when astrological weather patterns are a little higher-octane than normal.

Like now.

We are all in the weather zone of an upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, where these two mighty planets converge in a way they haven’t since Galileo’s time.

Jupiter – lord of visionary expansion, who invites us to go well beyond the known horizons of possibility and into new and potentially scary places.

Saturn – curator of our life mission, who cares deeply that we ‘get it right’ as we make our mark in the world, because that’s the role we gave him before we arrived on planet Earth.

They’ll soon be coming together in rebellious, innovative Aquarius, where old rules and paradigms go to die, and where the overarching energy is one of intellectual curiosity and wondering ‘what if….?’

Depending on where this grand meeting interacts with your own chart, that whole dynamic can shake things loose in ways that are not comfortable right now.

And that’s partly because they’re not actually there yet.

These potent entities are still in Capricorn, the sign of ambition and gravitas and right relationship with power, still activating the familiar-but-diminishing dynamics of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we’ve been under since early 2020.

And we have the last couple of weeks of Mars in Aries to add to the mix, like a low-level squall adding layers of turbulence while the larger weather patterns are trying to decide whether to become a storm cell. 

An inexperienced sailor might look at the weather and decide to seek shelter and stay hidden.

But the best use of this dynamic is to loosen the pressure a little, feel the fresh breeze on your face, and stay the course.

The cobwebs are starting to be blown away.

We’re getting hints of it.

And when these two planets dance together out of earthy Capricorn, into airy Aquarius (around 21 December) it will feel like being able to take a deep, deep breath after months and months underground.

To mix metaphors wildly – imagine you’ve been underground doing all that foundation work, ensuring there is solid rock instead of shifting sands.

And now, you’re beginning to emerge.

You can see daylight, you can sniff the bright air outside – and it’s not quite here yet.

The best way forward is to activate a) curiosity and b) MASSIVE acceptance of everything.

This kind of expansion sounds wonderful, and it is.

But if you’ve ever been to a smorgasbord with tight pants, you know it’s not always comfortable.

The question I’m asking myself and my clients right now is – how can I best undo my own metaphorical top button?

The answer is usually something along the lines of compassion, acceptance, not holding back out of fear but also not forcing things before they’re ready. 

To return to the sailing metaphor for a moment – slacken the mainsheet, keep going, steer into the weather and feel the ocean dance beneath your feet as a blessing.

Rest when you need to.

Accept every emotion that comes along.

Reach out for help when you need it.

And set clear intentions for delightful new ways of thinking and being to reveal themselves, both for you as an individual, and for us all as a collective whole.

This is not weather to cause alarm, even if your nervous system is feeling wary right now.

This is the weather that enables great things.

Our best way forward is to claim it with ease and grace and enjoyment, as much as possible.

PS this would be a great time to get my eyes on your chart so I can see the personal effects of this astro-weather on your own life. Learn more here.

Exact time (US Eastern):

21 Dec 2020, 1.:20PM – Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0º Aquarius

Janette Dalgliesh helps smart, progressive women create joy-filled dreams come true, with her unique blend of neuroscience-based, trauma-informed coaching and astrology.  Find Janette at her website when you’re ready to create your own joy-filled success.

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