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[Astrology] Happy New Moon in Pisces

by Janette Dalgliesh
Magic, expanded
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Welcome to the New Moon in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter.

This is a brilliant foretaste of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that’s in play for much of 2022.

And it might feel hard to fully believe in, given the stresses of a pandemic and the hostilities we’re seeing in the headlines.

So I want to offer some ideas on how to make the most of it.

Jupiter’s nickname is Jove, and he gives us the word jovial – meaning jolly.

That’s the clue.

Also, Jupiter loves to EXPAND whatever he touches – so it’s like the New Moon / Neptune connection in Pisces, on steroids.

  • New Moon = impetus for something new
  • Neptune / Pisces = our connection to the non-physical, the realms of magic, spirit, dreams, the imagination – in this space, we can ‘lose ourselves’ to something larger than we are.

Think of this New Moon as a fresh start, for recommitting to the expansion (Jupiter) of our own magic (Neptune AND Pisces) – by feeling our way towards delight.

Some examples of how to make the most of it:

  • Keep it super simple – grab a big fat orange or yellow candle, light it, and spend ten minutes gazing at the flame and imagining magic and a sense of human connection, expanding in the world. Jupiter likes to supersize everything, and those colours match his jovial character. Feel free to keep lighting it any time you like, and repeat the ritual.
  • Noodle on what magic rituals you’ve ENJOYED doing in the past – maybe it’s making a love potion (mine is a variation on mulled wine that’s just delicious!); or maybe it’s something with drums or chanting (that’s not my happy place cuz of an old vocal injury). Give yourself the gift of enjoying them again. 
  • Find a positive way to lose yourself – a good novel, a movie that makes you belly laugh every time, a celebratory orgasm (gifted to yourself, or with someone else), meditation, prayer, singing in a choir, daydreaming, getting into nature (a sunset, a dawn, a mountain range, a tree, an ocean, a river can all do it)
  • Expand on your access to joy, as an act of political resistance. Set strict limits on how much of your precious attention is awarded to screaming headlines or the latest news. It’s important to stay informed, but unless you are in an area currently under attack or at risk in the Australian floods, you don’t need to keep feeding your brain’s addiction to the news. I allow myself ten minutes morning, late afternoon and night time, to check the headlines and dig in to anything that tells me how I can help – and that’s IT.

On that last point – it is entirely possible to have enormous empathy for those who are suffering AND AT THE SAME TIME, be fierce about taking care of your own emotional wellbeing. In fact, you can make more difference in the world, by doing that.

To make the most of 2022, you can tap into my new program Liberation Zodiac, which starts in less than two weeks – the TL:DR version is: the life-changing power of astrology blended with powerful neuroscience-based coaching. All the details at www.liberationzodiac.com

Black and white headshot of Janette Dalgliesh, wearing a bold floral print shirt and a pearl necklace

Janette Dalgliesh is a coach and astrologer, who helps women of all kinds, from all walks of life, to experience the deep joy of living their soul’s true purpose in the world. You can find her at www.janettedalgliesh.com 

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