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Yoga lovers, students and teachers…this book by Paramahamsa Yogananda is a must-read

by Confluence
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By:  Priya Khajuria – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Today I came across yet another yoga studio that promoted themselves as “science-based” and free from all “cliches” of religious or philosophical context such as chakras, oms, chanting, and gurus. Get certified and make lots of money! ..they said.
Actually the tone on their website about the cliches was really mocking and belittling.

And there, my friends, is a classic example of cultural appropriation.

Yoga is Vedic and it’s from India. Given that it’s several THOUSAND years old, it IS the science of its day.

And unless you have a robot teaching the classes, there is always a guru (teacher). A guru was there to help each person integrate the 4 aspects of yoga in a personal way that most suited each student.

Yoga is part of the great Vedic spiritual practices which include oms, meditation, chakra clearing, and balancing, Ayurvedic medicine and so much more.

And yoga is not just stretching…it’s a holistic practice that unifies mind, body, and our spirit with the Universe.

Signs of cultural appreciation:
Honoring yoga’s roots
Hiring Indian yoga teachers
Learning the context with love, appreciation, and an open mind
A true desire to learn about yoga from Indians (through older books to modern-day)
Teaching yoga with respect for its spiritual contexts
A deep connection to this practice
A childlike and joyful wonder in its “magic”

Signs of cultural appropriation:
Proudly claiming it as science-based and denouncing all its cultural and philosophical roots
Ignoring Indians who raise genuine questions about studio practices
Not hiring Indian yoga teachers
Trying to whitewash the practice with stuff like naked yoga, drunk yoga, hot yoga (sorry, it’s unhealthy), and whatever new flavour is being used to get a wedge into the market.

Yoga belongs to Vedic India and to all of us who honor it through cultural and spiritual practice.
And yes anyone can practice it…but then please honor it, its roots and context.


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