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Roe V. Wade, Sarah Sanders, NATO: 3 News Stories You Should Read Today

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In many states, the end of Roe v. Wade is already here

Abortion access already hangs by a thread in some areas of the country

For abortion rights watchers, the announcement that Justice Anthony Kennedy plans to retire from the Supreme Court at the end of July came as a wallop. The news was a realization that Roe v. Wade, the nation’s landmark 1973 abortion rights decision, is increasingly fragile.

Over his three-decade tenure, Kennedy has been the swing vote keeping federal abortion rights mostly intact. And if the right case makes it to the Supreme Court, the Trump-nominated replacement to Kennedy and four other dependably conservative justices could overturn Roe v. Wade and jeopardize legal abortions in the United States.

Yet in many regions across the country, the end of Roe is essentially already here.




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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Continues Her White-Tears Tour Despite Being Satan’s Mouthpiece

Because Fox New is on the White House payroll, no one held Sanders feet to the flames. Suckabee has not only been the mouthpiece for Satan’s presidency, she’s been purposefully obtuse and openly insulting. Anyone remember the back and forth she had with CNN’s Jim Acosta in which she was questioned on why the White House was ripping migrant children away from their families and after being insistent and defiant that the White House was merely enforcing a law, she told Acosta that his inability to follow her answer might be because he struggles with even small words.



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The president has written a series of threatening letters to member nations.

Next week, Donald Trump will travel to Brussels for the annual NATO meeting with 28 of his fellow North American and European leaders. Naturally, given that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a multilateral agreement signed long before he entered office, the president has spent the run-up to the two-day affair trashing the alliance and sending threatening letters to fellow members suggesting he may pull out of the thing unless his ransom demands are met. Following his alleged behind-the-scenes comments at the G7 summit in Quebec that “NATO as bad as NAFTA,” the latter of which he’s described as one of worst deals of all timeThe New York Times reports that the president has penned a series of letters to allies including Germany, Belgium, Norway, and Canada bashing them for supposedly failing to spend enough money on defense.




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