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When Midlife Comes Knocking

by Confluence
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By: Kwavi Agbeyegbe – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Sometimes Midlife hits and you realize you don’t even know who you are anymore. A quick glance in the mirror reveals someone that you are no longer familiar with. “Who is this?” “This can’t be me”. You find yourself asking so many questions. Your true self is hidden from the world. Layers upon layers placed upon one another over the years until a thick skin develops and the person underneath is no longer visible or recognizable.

You’ve played a role all these years and Midlife hits and you can no longer continue the charade.  Midlife forces you to confront yourself. You yearn for your true self. You crave YOU. Emotions bubble to the surface. You can no longer overlook. You can’t and don’t want to play this game anymore that involves numbing yourself to avoid feeling both the bad and the good. You don’t go deep you stay on the surface. Midlife comes along and all that changes.

Midlife hits and opens you up. It shakes you up.  You’re ready to participate in life. You’re ready to feel. It’s scary but you’re ready to walk treading carefully. You’re not sure of the outcome but know it has to better than what you’ve been doing in the name of living.

Midlife will come knocking on your door if you’re one of the fortunate ones to be here when she arrives. 

Will you welcome her with open arms or treat her like an unwelcome guest? Without a doubt, I know my answer what’s yours?


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I’m a Certified Weight Loss Coach + Lifestyle coach who specializes in helping bright, successful women in their 40’s and above manage their health, mindset and waistlines. I’m an advocate for body acceptance and loving yourself from the inside out. A few years ago I noticed a lot of my clients coming in with weight gain (especially around the middle) even though they had not changed their exercise or nutrition routine.

My passion is on finding ways to help women in midlife experience a new lease on life by sharing self-care practices that help them shine during this next new phase.

I provide women with powerful tools and empowering knowledge to help them take control of their bodies while learning to embrace midlife as a transition that is an amazing and fascinating journey.

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