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The Karmic Duty of Uplifting Collective Consciousness

by Confluence
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By: Ruby Gangadharan –  Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

In both yogic and spiritual practices, we are first and foremost told to become aware of and watch our thoughts and words. We are encouraged to actively choose which ones we focus on because what we focus on tends to manifest into our reality, it drives how we act, what we say and how we experience our everyday.

Thoughts and words (both written and spoken), have creative energy. Each time a particular thought or word is repeated it gets more strength and momentum until such time that it’s strong enough to manifest itself in the physical reality. These are living entities that are in the process of taking physical form.

As an individual goes higher and higher in their practices, the type of thoughts and words they create not only become better but they are also able to create more powerful thoughts and words that take lesser time to manifest.

This is because with enough practice one gains more energy and clarity, so when it is used to focus on anything, it has the advantage of more power.

‘With great power come great responsibility’ – as popularized by the Spider-Man comics.

This is where the universal law of Karma and Balance comes into play for spiritual practitioners, healers, and other lightworkers.

When we are at the receiving end of the universal energy, it becomes important to remember that to continue to reap the benefit of the energy we have to move it along, move it forward. Keep the energy ‘alive’.

When we are able to create good thoughts and words into reality faster than non-practitioners, we automatically get assigned the responsibility to contribute better thoughts to the collective consciousness. We are then meant to raise the collective energy beyond our own personal desires and wants.

If light workers get stuck in creating only for self, they are unknowingly breaking the duty to work for the larger consciousness. As a result, they end up sowing seeds of limitations and end up experiencing limitations in their individual experience in spite of regular practice.

“Life is like an echo! when you give something, it comes back to you many, many times.”

― Master Choa Kok Sui

When we find ourselves uplifted, we must reach out and help someone else. And in doing so, what we give comes back to us. That is how Karma works.

The world, now more than ever, needs lightworkers to step up and create, generate, manifest better thoughts into reality for the collective. Yes, we continue to manifest our desires, wants, and earn our living but our practices must actively also involve fulfilling this duty we have to the larger consciousness.

Not doing so is irresponsible. If we have used up our entitlement to receive this divine information, we should then work towards repaying that blessing by working towards the greater good.

If we notice any great souls that have lived, they’ve all worked towards the upliftment of the masses, the larger consciousness. All of them have missions that align with things that are larger than themselves, their personal desires. This is not a coincidence.

Doing this doesn’t need anything extraordinary. There are simple ways to do our part in raising and holding collective energy when others aren’t able to do it for themselves:

  • Blessing or Metta prayer after meditation: Simply put this is a practice of sharing excess energy and sending it out to the collective. Post-meditation take a few minutes to bless or send out some of the good energy collected during meditation. Send it to the collective consciousness, to the world, or to a particular group of people who need it the most.
  • Intending high vibrations: The practice involves on the spot intending good thoughts and energy to a person, group of people or a situation. With a few minutes of focus send uplifting energy and intend that it be used for the good of the situation or people. This is especially useful when you hear or read about a difficult situation.
  • Study and Reflection: This might seem like a strange way to add good energies but it works wonders. This practice involves study and reflection on a particular situation, especially difficult ones, with an intention to release any negativity or disharmonious thoughts we harbour. When we bring the light and understanding to tough situations, we not only release our negative contribution of energy but also bring the ability to add better quality energy to the collective consciousness. As lightworkers and evolved yogis, we much active look for situations that can be understood better and work on fueling better thoughts for those situations.  


We are all in the process of evolution and somedays we might not get it right. That is absolutely OK. The key is to start again and do better.


Atma Namaste.



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