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Astrology: all change!

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

If things have been feeling super hefty or grinding lately, this week should bring some relief as lots of different astrological dynamics come into play.

Mars has just moved into Scorpio, a sign which he traditionally ruled under the ancient astrological systems. Here, he comes into his power, helping to fuel our own urge to action, and helping us to smash through any sense of “I know I want to do something but I can’t work out what it is“.

Mars in Scorpio says “scary shit to do? Let me at it!“ 

It’s courageous and resourceful, and over the weekend he activates Uranus in the sky for an extra dose of breakthrough and rebellion. 

Things that felt stuck or immovable, even things you didn’t know COULD be moved — they’re all up for change.

With this dynamic coming up, it would be smart to put your focus towards what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

Meanwhile, Mercury is heading Direct after his time doing the Scorpio Retrograde dance. 

If you’ve been holding out for contracts or large purchases, or if you’ve been feeling stuck as f*ck—the brakes are off but there’s not yet full certainty. It’s worth waiting an extra couple of days for Mercury’s forward motion to settle in. So what can you do? Reflect on the internal changes, the growth, the shifts that will have happened over the past month or so. 

Look for what’s working and starting to evolve, rather than any irritation with the not-yet-done stuff 

Almost immediately after Mercury’s change in motion, graceful Venus enters Capricorn, moving into this powerful earth sign which has been so much a part of all of our lives throughout 2019. She’s at the “other end“ of the sign, so she’s not directly aspecting the Saturn-Pluto conjunction yet

But she does have an influence, because she is sharing the same element (Earth) and modality (Cardinal) as that Saturn-Pluto conjunction. She’s entered the room, and her presence brings a different dynamic. 

Why does Venus matter in the context of that conjunction, and the building of solid foundations?

Firstly because she brings grace and beauty to the mix, a lightening of energy. And she turns our attention to our significant one-to-one relationships, so if there is relationship work to be done in the creation of our foundations—whether it’s forming important collaborations or setting better boundaries—that work starts to get the Venus blessing on it. 

And also because Venus rules our own relationships to our core self and our desires.  Her superpower is helping us to know exactly who we are, and what it is we truly want.

And if you’re going to the trouble of building solid foundations, it might as well be for something you actually do want. 

All this happens in preparation for the glorious new moon in Sagittarius. 

Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, Sagittarius is all about expansion, exploration, going beyond the known, infinite possibility.

The New Moon here brings a sense of fresh beginnings and doors opening up to things you can’t even fully imagine yet. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius says “just because you can’t see the full path ahead, don’t wait – take the first steps and the next bit of path will be revealed”.

In other words, even as we are building our solid foundations, we cannot yet fully see the magnificence of what we are building.

Yes, we have an idea of the shape of it. 

We know roughly what area of life it’s in.

We know what our dreams might be, even though some of that dreaming might seem impossibly far away.

Extraordinary things may well happen in 2020, with the significant shift from Earth to Air. 

And it’s fair to say our logical left brains will struggle to imagine all of the details of what we’re building, because that part of our psyche is entrenched in linear thinking, which in turn means it can only imagine more of what we’ve already had. 

And logical left brains remain unconvinced by possibilities, unless they know the details.

That could sound like a Catch 22  situation – until we remember that Jupiter and Sagittarius are more closely allied to our right brain, that part of us which is unlimited by such trivial things as logic and rationality and the past.

Sagittarius and Jupiter both activate our creative, lateral, unlimited right brains; especially when we decide to embrace that energy even though we have no idea how it’s going to pan out.

This is a brilliant energy for recovering how-aholics, perfect to support foundation-building in the absence of certainty. 

Of course, in the 2 to 3 days before the New Moon itself, we have the Dark Moon – a time for resting, reflecting, cleansing, and preparing. this is a great time for mopping up any detritus left behind from the releasing work we may have done earlier in the year.

And finally, in about a week, Neptune turns direct for the first time in five months, bringing yet another strand of dreaming to the mix. 

There’s a chance that this lightening-up, and the opening up of horizons of possibility, might feel unsettling or downright weird after we’ve been doing the full-on Earth thing for so long. 

And over the weekend in particular, it might seem like full-on hurricane season as the winds of change pick up speed.

Not to worry!

If you’ve already been doing a lot of change work under the influence of the Saturn-Pluto presence in Capricorn, the effects will feel less violent.

If you have been resisting the changes that your deepest soul wants to make, the effects might feel rocky AF. Hang in there, do the work as best you can (because you know it needs doing), and you’ll be amazed how much more easily you can get through it.

In short, exercise a little patience, decide that it’s all for the best, and if you need support for these last few weeks of navigating the Saturn-Pluto construction, here’s where to find it.

How to make the most of this week:

  • as the change vibe sweeps through, glance back over the past few months and recognise any shift in perspective. What have I learned under the Scorpio season magic, what will I no longer tolerate, who am I becoming? Make friends with your journal and capture what you know
  • be aware of the urge to action inspired by Mars in Scorpio, remembering to allow rather than push – when you get the urge to action, you will know
  • allow Mercury to settle into his forward motion before taking any delayed actions; do your due diligence, and then move forward with confidence and clarity
  • use the Dark Moon in Scorpio to clean up any lingering old psychological or emotional detritus which is still around from earlier releasing work – use whatever techniques you love most, for example PSTec, EFT, ritual cleansing bath, smudging, talking to your therapist or coach, napping, losing yourself in a good book, immersing in an inspirational movie or two
  • with Venus moving into Capricorn, revisit your core values if you haven’t done so lately, and/or revise your unapologetic desires list. Journal, engage!
  • over the weekend while the Mars-Uranus energy is intense, be patient with yourself and others (if they don’t know about this stuff, it will be triggering all kinds of angst for them) – and be willing to do any work you need to do around releasing old stuff (beliefs, resentments, fears). That can be easier said than done, but start out with a little self-compassion and some quiet time
  • set intentions around the Sagittarius New Moon, to support your foundations being inspired by unlimited possibilities — even though you may not know every detail, build for something even more brilliant than you can currently imagine in detail 
  • make space for a little more Neptune energy in your life – meditate, keep a dream journal, activate a little magic, find ways to feel deeply connected to the Universal all-that-is. 


Exact times (US Eastern time)

  • 20 November, 2:12 PM – Mercury turns Direct at 11 Scorpio
  • 23-26 November – Mars opposition Uranus
  • 25 November, 7:28 PM – Venus enters Capricorn 
  • 26 November, 10:05 AM – New Moon at 4 Sagittarius. 
  • 27 November, 7:32 AM – Neptune turns Direct

Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. A keen student of astrology, brain science and Law of Attraction, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. If you’d like Janette’s in-depth insights into your own unique astrological chart, you can find her via Facebook, or at her website Resonant Joy.

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