Home News 3 Stories You Should Read 1/17/2020: Peter Lucido, Texas, Pam Bondi

3 Stories You Should Read 1/17/2020: Peter Lucido, Texas, Pam Bondi

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In the category of:  All the Presidents Men

Trump’s impeachment defense team to include Kenneth Starr, Alan Dershowitz

Pam Bondi, the former Florida attorney general and Jane Raskin will also join the team.

President Donald Trump will be represented by former Bill Clinton special prosecutors Kenneth Starr and Robert Ray, plus retired Harvard constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz, at his Senate impeachment trial.

The three well-known attorneys will have specific speaking roles during the upcoming trial and serve as clean-up hitters behind White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Sekulow said.



In the category:  Judging imigration 

A federal judge stopped Texas from ending its refugee program

The stakes were even higher than the thousands of refugees Texas is on track to resettle in 2020.

Refugee resettlement agencies breathed a sigh of relief after a federal court ruling prevented Texas from shutting its doors to refugees under an executive order from President Donald Trump that allows state and local authorities to block refugees from settling in their areas.

A Maryland federal judge blocked the executive order on Wednesday, finding that giving states the power to veto refugee resettlement “flies in the face” of what Congress intended. Had the court not intervened, Texas would have abdicated its position as the state that has historically accepted the highest number of refugees nationwide and likely emboldened eight other states to consider turning away refugees.



In the category of:  Ugly

Republican Lawmaker Makes Lewd Comments to Journalist

Another day, another example of a Republican politician engaging in flat out foul behavior.

Michigan State Senator Peter Lucido, 59, has garnered controversy this week. CBS News reports that while being a interviewed on Wednesday by reporter Allison Donahue, the Senator reportedly told Donahue and a group of children visiting from a local all-boys catholic high school that, “You could have a lot of fun with these boys, or they could have a lot of fun with you.” Which, straight up, is fucking gross. When Donahue confronted him on how belittling his comments were he replied with, “I said it to an all-girls school last week: ‘How would you like to have all the boys from the Senate come over? It was nothing disingenuous. It was no harm.” 





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