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3 Stories You Should Read 01/23/2019: Sanders, Coronavirus, Trump

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In the category of:  Feel the Burn

Bernie Sanders’s path to the 2020 Democratic nomination, explained

Sanders’s political revolution looks different — and more diverse — than it did in 2016.

If his campaign can turn out Iowa’s sizable Latino population and working-class voters, Sanders is bullish about winning the February 3 caucuses. That could shift the ground here in New Hampshire favorably for him — and with a robust operation in key Western states like Nevada and California, two decisive wins in the earliest states could put Sanders well on his way to the Democratic nomination.

Even more importantly, they could prove Sanders’s theory of winning elections: expanding the electorate and getting traditionally neglected groups to turn out. Some might call it a political revolution.



In the category of:  Lockdown

China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates

Five Chinese cities locked down in bid to slow transmission of deadly virus that has infected over 630 people.

China locked down five cities at the hub of a new coronavirus outbreak that has killed 18 people and infected at least 634, as health authorities around the world took action to prevent a global pandemic.

Health officials fear the transmission rate will accelerate as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel at home and abroad during week-long holidays for the Lunar New Year, which begins on Saturday.



In the category of:  Racism and Patriarchy

Trump Will Be the First President to Attend an Anti-Abortion Event. 53 Percent of White Women Wept

President Trump has been clear since day one that he will not be the president of all Americans. In fact, he’s been pretty clear since the beginning that he only planned to represent white supremacist men. If you think that a person like this would have had a hard time being elected, you’d be forgetting two things: Russia and white women.

Surely Russia aided Trump in stealing the election, but it didn’t help matters that 53 percent of white women voted against their self-interest and voted for Trump and now, because Trump is a spineless sack of shape-shifting vomit, he will become the first sitting president to attend the annual anti-abortion “March for Life” on Friday.




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