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Astrology: Happy June Solstice, 2020

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

14-21 June 2020

Some days, in the midst of upheaval, we have to stare at the ground beneath us merely in order to stay upright – we have to keep our focus in short term ‘what can I do RIGHT NOW?’ mode.

This week, it’s time to look up and get our bearings. 

To regroup, check our internal compass, check our maps, and make sure we know where we’re headed both personally and politically.

Your desired destination may have been refined. 

Or it may be completely different from what you thought it was. 

It might be more ambitious. 

Like asking police to do WAY less, and putting community care in the hands of the community. 

Like deciding your ideal fully booked client roster is 20 people, not 10.

It might be closer than you ever imagined possible. 

Like the social change which has been in process for decades, whooshing along in ways which feel new and revolutionary (and are still not yet enough).

Like the ‘overnight success’ of a business which has been ten years in the making, so it FEELS sudden and mysterious.

When we lift our collective eyes to the horizon of December 2020, we see a powerful meeting of Jupiter (lord of infinite possibility) with Saturn (lord of getting the details correct), in the sign of rebellious, innovative Aquarius.

That’s where each of us, and the whole world, are heading.

Infinite possibility collaborates with robust, well-built foundations in a way which is all about breaking with past paradigms and creating something new and never-seen-before.

When we remember that, it’s easier to keep our feet under us in the here and now – even as we are collectively taking a knee, and chanting that we cannot breathe.

The status quo?

It is status GONE.

For those with a vested interest in the status quo, that is highly alarming and it’s not surprising to see platforms like Faux News flailing their hands in shock and fear. 

That isn’t going to distract us, is it?

Because we are building what we want to have instead, both personally and politically.

This week, we use our most intimate and personal energy – our feelings – to be the infinite power source for the good we do in the world, the actions we take, and the things we make real and tangible.

The week begins with the Moon just moving past the Third Quarter, bringing the energy of something new settling into place. 

The week includes Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, and all the blessings of that magical dynamic.

The week ends with the Dark Moon in Gemini, that beautiful period of rest and release, leading into the June Solstice 2020 early next week. (And if you’re wondering why I don’t call it Summer Solstice – that’s because for half the planet, it’s Winter Solstice!)

Let’s unpack all that, and explore some strategies we can use to leverage what’s possible.

The June Solstice is the moment when the planet has its most northerly point facing the Sun. That means longest day for the northern hemisphere, and longest night for those of us in the southern regions. 

No matter what season it’s in for you, we are all on our shared giant rock in space, and we all experience the Cancer New Moon at this time.

And no matter what season it’s in for you, it represents a major shift in perspective.

Mercury Rx in mid-Cancer and the Gemini Dark Moon are the perfect support for that June Solstice energy.

Cancer, ruled by deeply emotional Moon, looks inwards to our most vulnerable and intimate spaces both within us, and without. It’s the heart and the hearth. It’s our emotional homeground.

It’s hard to stand in that deep intimate space if we carry any old emotional habits of shame, guilt or unprocessed trauma. And that applies both personally, and politically.

Right now, the world is examining the impact of hundreds of years of an economy based on the dollar value of enslaved people. 

No matter our own personal relationship to that – whether our ancestors were the enslaved or the enslavers, or merely the people who benefited from the economic and political systems based upon those dynamics – we will have personal work to do.

And the personal is tied up with the collective, because humans are wired that way.

In the leadup, we have a ton of Mercury energy at play which is wildly helpful in handling the emotional journeys we may have to take individually and collectively.

Mercury’s unique talent was to visit the dark underworld realm of Pluto, the place where death and rebirth are understood, and come back to normal reality – at will.

Jung wrote about Mercury as the astrological representation of our human ability to visit our own unconscious (underworld) so that we can bring that which needs healing to the conscious level for processing.

Mercury Rx is a powerful time for reassessing our thought habits (aka our beliefs), for reexamining the assumptions we take for granted, for reviewing the information we thought we could rely upon.

Since our emotions and our thought are so closely interwoven, this June Solstice is a potent time for us to open ourselves up to any changes we might need to make to our own assumptions. It’s a time for questioning what we believe, questioning what we think we know, and asking ‘can I be more wise, more nuanced, more compassionate, more loving?’

How to leverage the astro weather:

  • Gaze at the mountain summit of your biggest vision. Whether it’s personal (fully booked business, amazing new job, brilliant marriage, happy teens, new home) or political (equity, fairness, an election result you love, legislative changes, or maybe harmony based on truth and reconciliation rather than silencing and suppression) – what does that biggest possible vision look like? Bask in that for a while. Record it in words or visually. Learn the art of big-vision visualisation from an expert (my friend Rachel Woods is a maestro at this work).
  • With the Dark Moon and the blessings of Mercury Rx in Cancer, use your words to help explore the gap between the here-and-now and the big vision. Be sure to begin from a place of curiosity and non-judgement. Be prepared to release that which needs to be released. You will need to let go of some old habits of thought and emotion, and you may uncover old trauma ripe for processing and healing. Make space for sadness or even grief, as you prepare to let go of the old and birth the new. Journal, write poetry, speak it out loud, write a letter of farewell-and-good-riddance (and burn it or bury it or wash it away). 
  • Prepare for the Cancerian energy by being willing to feel all the feelings. If you need help (and I’ll be honest, doing this work alone can be difficult because our brains don’t like the idea of deep healing work) – hire a coach or a therapist who is unafraid of shadow zone work – someone who can walk beside you as you do the work of unearthing and healing unprocessed trauma or shame. I would recommend Lisa Hayes, Iyabo Onipede, or myself.
  • Let Mercury and Moon collaborate to create a synergistic effect, opening up doors of change ready for the upcoming Age of Aquarius
  • At the turning point of the June Solstice, that planetary shift of perspective, use all of that power to inspire action in the world. Because all that internal build-up of power needs an outlet, needs to find its expression in the world, needs to be made real – or it simply dissipates into nothing. Which would be a shame.

It sounds like a lot.

You can use this week to do a lot. Or you can use it to focus on just one things you want to change.

Whatever feels right to you.


Exact times (US Eastern timezone):

  • 13 June, 2:24 AM – Quarter Moon at 22º Pisces
  • 18 June, 12:59 AM – Mercury Retrograde at 14º Cancer
  • 19 June – Dark Moon in Gemini
  • 20 June, 5:43 PM – June Solstice, Sun enters Cancer

Janette Dalgliesh has one mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. That means no more walking through the day like a zombie, doing the job-from-hell, twisting yourself into a pretzel to suit other people, or putting off those secret dreams you’ve had since childhood for yet another year. Janette uses her unique blend of astrology, LOA and neuroscience-based coaching to help people take charge of their own lives with love, inner peace, fun and deep contentment – no matter the external circumstances. If you’d like to get Janette’s astro-weather articles in your inbox each week, along with special brain-science based coaching tips on how to leverage the astrology du jour, be sure to sign up for her emails.

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