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Astrology: New Moon in Scorpio AND MORE!

by Janette Dalgliesh
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Scorpio season is fully upon us.

And if you’re a normal human, with a normal human brain doing its best to keep you safe – it CAN seem to be a scary place to play.

But OMGosh, it’s sooooooo juicy!

First of all, all things Mercury are now travelling full speed ahead, brakes off, nice and stable for a bit (well, as stable as a trickster god with wings on his feet ever gets!). 

Then, the New Moon in Scorpio, activated by Uranus in Taurus, with Mercury arriving in Scorpio soon after.

Scorpio is where we are invited to tap into our own greatest (and most terrifying) inner powers – and if you’ve been trained by a culture which says power isn’t for you, that can have your brain spinning out in alarm.

Not to worry – totally normal brain stuff. 

But around here, we don’t follow those cultural rules, am I right?

So you get to do it differently.

And the good news is – Scorpio LIKES it when things are edgy, when there’s a leap of faith involved.

There is a vast eternal YOUness of you, the part of you which strides the cosmos and connects to every part of the Universe – let’s call it your soul or your spirit.

Then there’s the messy, meaty human part of you, the part which walks through the world brushing her teeth, feeding her kids, taking care of her body, showing up for work every day.

Think of this four-week lunar cycle as a window, during which the veil between those two realities becomes thinner than normal, opening up the door to a new relationship between them.

Your human brain might be going ‘eeeek’ at the thought of all that cosmic power and – by implication – responsibility.  

And your soul is saying ‘woohoo, bring it on!’

So here’s how to prep and get the most from it.

Use the Dark Moon to rest and prepare (and if you ‘don’t have time’, schedule it in right now!)

Lean on the Uranus-in-Taurus dynamic as a support energy.

Uranus says ‘gonna do it MY way’. It’s inventive and rebellious, and gives zero fucks about doing things the conventional way, meaning it’s ideal for saying ‘no’ to culturally acquired limitations.

After all, tradition is merely peer pressure from dead people.

Yes, you get to navigate how you say no to convention. But you can begin by tapping into the Taurus way of doing things – keep it close and real and tangible.

If you’re feeling anxious because the power of Scorpio feels ‘too much’, activate the physical sensory comfort of Taurus to remind yourself that you’re safe in the here-and-now.

If you’re feeling frozen in the presence of the Scorpio invitation (uh oh, not going there!), activate the orgasmic sense of being swept away by physical sensory delight.

During the Dark Moon (the 24-36 hours prior to the New Moon), schedule time for resting, and – for extra ooomph! – set up an Emotional First Aid Kit to help you navigate the New Moon.

Grab a pretty box or bag. Fill it with items which help bring you back to a sense of your own greater power – that part of you which extends beyond the mundane minutiae of life – and which can help you activate the Taurus balance.

For example:

  • a special candle (deep red or brown or black, for Scorpio) – light it, gaze at the flame, and notice that it burns by consuming oxygen while a star burns by nuclear fusion, and yet they both give off heat and light – this is the equivalent of you (combustion) and YOU (nuclear fusion): different AND YET both radiant, both potent, both not to be messed with
  • a book of poetry which helps you tap into feelings of your own power, give you access to a sense of transcendence, or help you feel safe and grounded (I’m newly enamoured with the work of John Roedel but you choose your own favourite poets)
  • the kind of snack which helps you feel fully in your body (my go-to is a handful of nuts – they’re chewy and substantial and grounded)
  • essential oils – you can include oils and blends which help you transcend the everyday AND those which help you feel safe and grounded – and then use whichever one you need in the moment
  • scented massage oil or body lotion, ideal for bringing your awareness to the wildness of the body in which you live 
  • to easily access the orgasmic reminder of your own power, feel free to add a favourite sex toy
  • to easily access the safety of physical comfort, feel free to add a favourite blankey or a big soft toy (yes, I still own a teddy bear from childhood which brings comfort)
  • a blank journal and favourite pen you can use to explore the sparks of inspiration and record new possibilities arising out of the Scorpio season
  • add in a favourite playlist to get you tapped into your power, and you’re done

Lean into that lovely Taurus energy any time you think you might feel overwhelmed AND THEN take the leap of faith into the unknown.

Exact times:

  • 2 Nov 9:08 pm Eastern – Mercury leaves Rx zone 25º Libra
  • 4 Nov 5:15 pm Eastern – New Moon at 12º Scorpio
  • 5 Nov 6:34 pm Eastern – Mercury enters Scorpio

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