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Royal Wedding Redux: The Real Legacy of Princess Diana – Why Royal Weddings Matter Part 7

As the world welcomes a new “princess” today, we are reminded of another celebrated royal wedding almost four decades ago. It was a landmark event broadcast in 74 countries and watched around the world by over 750 million people—including me and my pajama-party friends!

The moment Diana stepped out of that fairy-tale-inspired glass coach on her wedding morning with endless yards of silk train magically materializing with her—”like seeing a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis,” her gown designers wrote later—she had us hook, line and sinker. Princess Diana did not invent our fascination with royalty, nevertheless, her wedding ushered in a whole new ballgame—and the world was never quite the same.

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We Tried Some 50 Shades of Grey Style Kink To Spice It Up and It Was a Miserable Failure

After you have discussed your interests and your limits and your safe word, be as creative as you’d like! If you’re not into conventional kinky attire like leather, bondage, whips, or chains, that’s fine! Something as simple as stuffing undies into his mouth and whispering “shhhhh” can be a simple way to introduce role play. Kink looks like whatever makes you happy.

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Wedding Vows: Diana, Kate and Meghan, Why Royal Weddings Matter Part 6

I look forward to the upcoming royal wedding, the marriage ceremony of Harry and Meghan—not just for the “glam and glitter,” but especially to be present to the intimate recognition of the other, the deep listening of love in action, and the “set the world on fire” changes possible when wedding vows are made inside a spiritual partnership like both of these modern-day princes and their beloveds have created. All of life, then, becomes an awakening to “love and cherish.”

Certain wedding “traditions”—royal or otherwise—are indeed outdated and need tossing aside; others are keepers in their own right. Then there are those traditions that simply need the wisdom of a woman’s touch!

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My husband doesn’t want to have sex nearly as often as he used to. I initiate most of the time and often times he’s too tired or seems uninterested.

, I’d give him a break: Focus on giving yourself pleasure as you can, splurge on a new sex toy, create a ritual for masturbation or self-pleasure, and take charge of your solo-sex life so that you can focus on you without relying on him. “I’m sorry if you’ve felt pressure from me and I’m going to make an effort to pleasure myself this month”, might turn his attitude around. After all, May IS National Masturbation Month.

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Why Royal Weddings Matter, Part 5 – A Whiter Shade of Pale: Meghan Markle and Bridal White

Vogue magazine, which thinks Meghan “demonstrates a growing sense of ease and confidence with her fashion choices for royal engagements,” advises the soon-to-be royal bride about her wedding gown choice: “You can’t go wrong with the classics.” (It sounds as if “wearing white” is merely assumed. We, along with the British monarchy, have indeed come a long way!)

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I’m very attracted to my fiance, but I’m also attracted to women. What now??

As a queer woman who married a man, my attraction to women never waned. Luckily, I was able to share my attraction to women with him and we were able to enjoy a fantasy realm that included watching FFM (female + female + male+)  pornography, flirting with women in social settings, and eventually having a really fun threesome. I’d suggest you talk with your fiance if you feel comfortable in doing so. If you don’t, I would reconsider agreeing to be sexually monogamous with him until you die.

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Why Royal Weddings Matter” Part 4: Channeling Kindness, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Connect

“Channel kindness” is an apt directive today—and perhaps a reason so many people are captivated by this vibrant couple who are creating such joy in being in service to others. I say let’s all enjoy and celebrate this royal wedding, immersing ourselves in heart-centered energy—and feel the spirit of kindness rising in the world, then pass it forward.

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My boyfriend likes to go to strip clubs. I don’t want to make it a big deal but I feel threatened and insecure about it.

I am a fan of talking to my partner when I feel insecure about something. In order to do that, ask yourself objective questions. What is it that bothers you? Are you afraid that he will like the other women’s bodies more than yours? Does he have a spending problem? Do you feel uncomfortable with your sexuality? These are big questions, but they can lead to self-discovery.  

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If you know one thing about wedding gown history, I would wager that it has something to do with Queen Victoria beginning the bridal fashion of wearing white. (And now, thanks to her, it has been a tradition of sorts for over 175 years.) But I would also wager that most people don’t know the real reason the 20-year-old monarch chose the color white for her wedding gown, breaking the precedent set by earlier princess brides who considered it their right to be “dressed in the usual cloths of silver or gold.” Victoria even chose a crown of fanciful, yet wax orange blossoms instead of one of her dazzling diamond diadems.

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