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Astrology: get it on!

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

28 June – 4 July 2020

If there’s one overarching theme this week, it’s all about making shit real.

And that might not look the way you think it does.

The week began with Venus going direct after spending a good chunk of time Retrograde in Gemini. 

The goddess of love and desire, changing perspective to move forward and find her voice, fully claiming her unapologetic desires. 

Venus in this mode doesn’t hold back or hesitate. She speaks her truth.

And if you’ve been hesitating to do that, remember that hesitation comes from your brain, not your soul. Your soul absolutely KNOWS what you want, without hesitation. Your brain might have picked up ideas like ‘I’m confused’ or ‘I couldn’t really ask for THAT’ or ‘I’m not enough’. That’s totally normal, but it’s not much fun.

From now until the first week in August, Venus direct in Gemini says ‘tell me what you want – what you really, really want’. She makes it way easier to get fully honest with yourself, as a great starting point. I recommend making an Unapologetic Desires list and keep adding things over the next week or so.

Because that’s wildly helpful if you want to make the most of the upcoming astrological weather.

Mars is the big news this weekend, as he makes the long-awaited move into his own sign of Aries for a MUCH longer visit than normal. 

Mars in his own fiery sign is like action on steroids – turbo-charged to get out there and mould the clay of the world to his own liking.

Usually, he’s in his own sign for about six weeks. This time, thanks to a Retrograde spell, he’s there right through until early 2021 (exact times below).

This is Mars for the long haul, not the sprint. 

There is no rush, but Mars in Aries can trigger a sense of pressure because we find ourselves wanting to do All The Things.

The secret to success here is to remember that while our culture says only certain types of action count – our soul flourishes when our actions are balanced.

Productive, creative actions are great, and they take energy.

So we also need the actions which recharge and refuel us.

Writing marketing copy is an action.

So is napping.

Putting together a new CV is an action.

So is reading a novel for fun and relaxation.

Listening to a friend’s difficult experience is an action.

So is spending time healing our own hearts.

Protesting is an action.

So is taking time to replenish and actively flow kindness inwards.

In conscious creation terms, anything we do to lift our vibration, to get more aligned, to put our focus on what we want – those all count as actions too, when we decide that they do. And they are definitely replenishing actions (and if they don’t feel that way, you might want to check in on that).

Why does this matter so much this week?

It’s not because you have to get all your actions done this week. This is not a sprint. 

It’s because this week also sees the second of the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions for 2020, with another one coming in November, all part of the mega-powerful Saturn / Jupiter / Pluto party of 2019/2020.

Remember, at the end of the year, we’ll have Jupiter aligning with Saturn in Aquarius, for a surge of radical possibility tied to making shit real. We had a foretaste of that when Saturn popped into Aquarius for a moment earlier this year, activating feelings of innovation and revolution. At the end of 2020, that dynamic arises again but enhanced by the big Jupiterian optimism of infinite possibility.

We want the actions we take between now and then to be fully in line with what we’re creating, because otherwise they’re kinda wasted.

We’ve talked a lot about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January, which was all about ensuring strong foundations for whatever big thing is being created next.

This is a different party, where the optimism and anything-is-possible vibe of Jupiter says ‘it’s time to think about radical new solutions that we haven’t considered before, in order to create what we want next’.

When Jupiter the Emporor meets Pluto the Magician, something is ripe for transformation (Pluto) in a way that expands it far beyond the familiar and known (Jupiter), especially in areas associated with our work, our personal public legacy – and how things are governed (Capricorn).

The first dance of Jupiter and Pluto, back in early April, was a wakeup call to get our attention.

With this second conjunction, both planets are now in Retrograde motion, so it’s an energy of reassessment, research, reexamination. 

We’re already seeing it gain strength, with conversations about how to reform the police in the USA, and how to make working from home a core part of the new normal.

And of course, we can tap into that same ‘anything is possible’ energy in our own lives, especially in the Capricorn zone of work and career.

If your day job or your own business isn’t a source of deep contented joy and good money, this is the time to finally change that. 

Each one of us has a purpose we came here to fulfil, a life mission which the world wants us to do. Living with purpose is SO much more fun and juicy than living in a kind of zombie shuffle, and this is a perfect time to really step up and embrace that.

And finally, this week Retrograde Saturn makes a dip back into Capricorn, back into the space of that Saturn-Pluto conjunction – not with a sense of “OMG I have to do all that work again!’ but with a sense of tying up loose ends.

For example – the Saturn-Pluto conjunction landed squarely on my personal relationship with my work, which gave me a kind of double whammy all-about-work effect. I definitely took advantage of the conjunction in January to make sweeping changes to how I work (yay!)  

And now I’m tying up some cool loose ends, such as emailing a very dear man to say that unfortunately for him, I’m no longer coaching men. 

It’s a superpower week for making clear decisions and making a START on the actions to create that bigger vision coming true in the real world.

Making the most of the astro:

  • remember this is the starting point of a marathon, not a sprint
  • consult with your soul’s desires (Venus in Gemini), so you know more clearly where you want to point your actions. Make a new Unapologetic Desire list.  When Venus leaves the shadow of the Rx zone at the end of July, you may like to revisit your new list and see what new clarity you have.
  • get clear about which kinds of actions take you towards your desire – and make sure at least half of them are actions which nourish and refuel your energy. Prioritise your calendar accordingly (because otherwise your well-trained productivity-loving brain MIGHT let the replenishing actions slide). Hint: anything which is a conscious creator action, such as scripting or visualising, definitely counts as refuelling!
  • revisit your existing big vision and let Jupiter inspire ideas about how it could be a world-changing movement? What could that look like? Who would be your ally? Who would benefit? **
  • play with ideas about what foundations that vision might need, and ask ‘what is the very tiniest first step I could make today?’ **

We are at a turning point, both individually and collectively.

We can choose to surf this powerful wave, or we can cling to the old ways we have always been and done things.

It’s not hard to figure out which is going to ultimately feel better (even if your brain is clutching its metaphorical pearls at the thought of it!)

The key to helping your brain get on board this concept of evolution is to remember – this is just the starting point.

We’ve already done a ton of work towards this.

Now we get the fabulous get-it-done energies helping to impel us forward.

And we don’t have to get it all done this week.

We simply make a start.


** if you cannot figure out how to create the big vision because your brain has a bunch of opinions that say it’s too hard – or if you can see the big vision but have no idea the actions to take – don’t panic. That’s my wheelhouse and I’d love to help – find out more here.

Exact times (US Eastern timezone):

  • 25 June, 2:48 AM – Venus Direct at 5º Gemini
  • 27 June, 9:45 PM – Mars into Aries
  • 30 June, 1:46 AM – Jupiter Rx conjunct Pluto Rx at 24º Capricorn
  • 1 July, 7:37 PM – Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
  • 29 July 29, 1:14 AM  – Venus leaves Rx shadow zone at 21° Gemini
  • 12 November, 4:39 PM – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 22º Capricorn 
  • 21 December,1:20 PM – Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0º Aquarius
  • 6 January 2021, 5.27 AM – Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus

Janette Dalgliesh has one mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. That means no more walking through the day like a zombie, twisting yourself into a pretzel to suit other people, or putting off those secret dreams for yet another year. Janette uses her unique blend of astrology and neuroscience-based coaching to help people take charge of their own lives with love, inner peace, fun and deep contentment – no matter the external circumstances. You can connect with Janette via her website, or hang out with her on Facebook.

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