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Energy Entanglement and How to Reduce Unwanted Entanglements

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By: Ruby Gangadharan – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Are you currently dealing with a piece of news or person that’s sucking the life out of you?

Maybe its a story that’s tugging at the core of you, a situation that keeps popping up in your thoughts?

Do you wince when you think of a particular person and that one interaction with them? And each time you find yourself shudder and experience a rush of emotions.

Chances are you do and not just at one but you have many to choose from.

Why do these situations that either happened in the past or to someone else affect you so?

Why do practices like the living in the moment, positive thinking, going with the flow, doing what makes you happy or the countless other things that you so carefully craft into daily life not work permanently?

To understand this we must talk about Energy Entanglement, what it is, why it matters and ways to detangle from the unwanted ones.


What is Energy Entanglement?

We are energy moving through this dimension in our physical bodies. Every time we think, say or act, the related quality of that thought, word or action is created and starts to take shape. The more we repeat the same thought, word or action, our energy creation gets more powerful. It gains magnet-like qualities and starts to pull similar energies towards us and into our experience.

As we interact with these energies, using thoughts, words and actions, there is an unseen energy entanglements that takes place between the two; like a cord connecting two points. This cord continues to connect the two energy points way after that moment in time has passed.

So it’s a constant cycle of creation, attraction and interaction. And with each interaction, we are left with an Energy Entanglement that continues to exchange energy whether we know it or not.


Why it matters and how does it affect us on an individual level?

The energy cord is an active highway for energy exchange. When one end is depleted it will look to find replenishment on one of its ‘highways’. Unknowingly each of us has multiple active energy cords that are either pulling energy from us or adding energy to our individual creations.

The pulling of energy can happen if one of the cords connected to us has lower energies. If we create or carry higher or lighter energies, we end up being drained of good, fresh energy by the cord with excess lower energies. This is one of the reasons we mentally exhausted and feel like a particular person or situation is ‘taking from us’.

Secondly, these cords also allow for similar energies to fuel each other. So if we hold a negative thought then it is possible for us to attract similar energies and draw the flow of ‘like-minded’ energy to us using these cords and thus giving power to that thought. Of course, this works for positive thoughts too.

So on a daily basis, we always have many such open, active cords of energies that are connecting us to other energy beings and are continuously exchanging energy.


How to Detangle from the unwanted energy entanglement?

The ultimate goal of spirituality and realization is releasing ALL entanglements. But for everyday life, we should aim to reduce and eliminate unwanted entanglements and here are five ways to achieve that:

Learn to differentiate between Self Defeating and Self Serving: You need to first figure out what are your self-defeating energies? I specifically write ‘your self-defeating energies’ because each individual will have energies that aren’t good for them in particular while the same energy might fuel someone else. Self-Defeating energy is anything that does not serve you in achieving your life’s purpose. It is energy that takes you away from the divine connection, divine love and a sense of balance. If you know your life’s purpose, anything that isn’t taking you towards that path and isn’t lining up to your internal values is a Self- Defeating energy. Self-Serving is the exact opposite of Self-Defeating. Anything that takes you closer to your life’s purpose, to divine connection, divine love, is in line with your internal values and provides you with a sense of balance is Self-Serving. Spend time understanding what this difference is for you because you want to keep the Self-Serving and eliminate the Self-Defeating.

Bring Active Awareness into each external interaction: When you show up in the world in thought, word or action, show up with complete awareness of that moment. Become aware of where you are spending your time, who you are spending it with, what energy are you expanding on with the interaction, how are you navigating the experience. Start actively limiting external interactions that create cords that aren’t good for you. This does not mean you won’t come face to face with situations or people that are pulling you down. But if you bring active awareness to the exchange you will reduce, limit or eliminate how many cords you open yourself up to as a result of that exchange.

Bring Active Awareness into internal interactions: Start by becoming aware of the tape that’s running through your mind. Bring awareness to your internal conditioning and bias. Which thoughts dominate your day, how do you see yourself and others, what are the assumptions and beliefs you operate with, where does your visualization take you? By bringing awareness to the internal exchanges you’ll be able to identify triggers and patterns that make you who you are. You’ll be able to recognize how you are creating your external experiences.

Strengthen the good energy creations: Have a daily practice to fuel your good energies. Affirmations, meditations, journaling, exercise, reading, prayer, cleanse, healing work, visualization, vision boards, chanting, service or whatever other method works for you. Each day spend some time strengthening and giving power to energies that good for you, your family, the world and larger consciousness. When you actively spend fueling these energies, you’ll become a powerful magnet to attract similar energies into your experience. As more of these good experiences come into your life you’ll have less time to spend on the unwanted ones. As you spend less time on the unwanted energies, those energies will weaken in power and eventually cease to exist within you.

Practice ‘cutting the cord’ for unwanted connections: Actively have practices where you will away the unwanted connections. There are many different ways people practice this, some write down negatives and burn the page, salt water baths, burning sage in the house, disconnecting from abusive people and many more. Whatever the technique the intention to hold while doing the practice is to visualize that you are cutting the cord and releasing yourself from that person or situation.   


The benefits of reducing energy entanglement are reduced stress, anxiety, self-doubt and increased peace of mind, inspiration, and confidence. This further results in our physical and emotional well-being. And when we are physically and emotionally healthy and strong we start to successfully manifest all our goals.


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Ruby is a Spiritualist & Dog lover, Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Deliberate Creator, Writer & Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner. A forever creative and her virtual address is www.everydayloamagic.com
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