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Astrology: IT’S HEEE-ERE…

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

11-18 January 2020

If you’re feeling a heavy combination of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, not-good-enough and “WHERE THE HELL IS MY 2020 MOJO??” – do not fret.

The earthy influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which was at play throughout 2019 isn’t over yet. 

In fact, it peaks this week.

And then everything changes.

All the things I’ve been saying about this in 2019 are still at play, but these few days before the exact conjunction can feel like the last hundred yards of a marathon: a massive slog, every step an exercise in sheer damn willpower. Especially with the recent Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the mix.

And especially since this conjunction occurs at 22º of Capricorn.

In numerology, 22 is a Master Number, the ‘higher octave’ of the number 4

4 is the number of the square, the most basic foundational shape, and it represents practicality, hard work, the building of something tangible and real.

22 is the number of the Master Builder, representing the building of something real that the world has never seen before. With Capricorn’s focus on ambitious building and pubic legacy, this is significant. Look around and you can see it at play in so many public systems: governance, finance, monarchy, democracy itself.

We are making space for something new in 2020. The preparation work culminates this weekend, with no less than SIX heavenly bodies in Capricorn (Jupiter, Sun, Ceres, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury). We must hold our nerve, keep reactivating the joy and anticipation of our intentions for 2020 in any way we can, and continue to bask in appreciation for all the work we’ve already done in 2019.

(If you didn’t get your little basking permission slip last week, feel free to pick it up here. It’s still valid!)

And we have to hang in there. Just for a couple more days.

This weekend – and for as long as you need – curate your space, your interactions and your focus, to point you towards passion, support and love. Set intentions for what you want to see in your life and in the world.

If your loveable but sometimes misguided human brain tries to tell you it’s too hard or it won’t work, say “thank you brain, I’ve got this” and refocus on what you’re creating.

Hang out with supportive people (of the human, animal, plant or stone variety).

Do creativity that delights you and fills your soul, whether that’s fine art, poetry, baking, tarot, crochet, music or something else entirely. 

Clear your spaces, physical or digital.

No agonising or trying to fix everything (with Pluto at play, it can be tempting to feel you HAVE to do this – right now, you don’t).

No indulging “not-enough-done” or imposter-syndrome thoughts (with Saturn at play, those are likely but they’re unhelpful – practice noticing how well you can say ‘thanks but no thanks’ to those lil’ buggers).

No trying to fix or convince folks who are struggling with this big astro weather. You can always share this article for the curious, but arguing the point? Nope. 

Because, dear reader, you’re willing to engage this weirdest of weird astro vibes, in deliberate and conscious ways – and that makes you one of a small but hugely potent tribe of humans. 

Others don’t get it, and it’s freaking them out. It’s not your job to fix them.  Love and support them (from a distance if you have to). Let go of any sense of being responsible for them.

For now, flow as much zen and love and support for you as you can muster, and manage your world to align with that, as much as you can. 

The heaviness won’t last forever!

Within a day of the big conjunction, beautiful Venus slides into Pisces, the sign which – above all others – understands that we are ALL in this together.

Venus knows how to do relationships, grace, refinement and beauty.

As ruler of Libra, she knows how to see both sides of a story. As ruler of Taurus, she understands our close relationship to our own tangible, basic resources of food and shelter.

Here, she’s in deep-water Pisces. Think universal connections, no boundaries or barriers, no separation into us and them, the ability to flow effortlessly around and even through obstacles. It’s dreamy, intangible, infinite, beyond the ordinary.

Venus in Pisces invites conversations and collaborations with compassionate love at the core, fuelling soul connections which know how to embrace all life. 

A few days later, Mercury enters airy Aquarius, where his natural mental superpowers can relish the delights of intellectual curiosity, clarity, objective insights and balanced perspective. 

We can breathe again; we can see daylight at last. 

And this is Mercury the Trickster, in the sign ruled by rebellious Uranus – so you KNOW any remaining stuck old paradigms are going to get a good shakeup. 

First, the peak of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction with six heavenly bodies in Capricorn. Real. Tangible. Of the world. HEAVY.

Then Venus into Pisces, where empathy and humanitarianism abound and we can begin to feel the fluidity, ease and flow so characteristic of this dreamy Water sign. 

And Mercury leaves Capricorn to bring in a huge lungful of Aquarius Air, so we can finally BREATHE.

For this weekend, that’s really all you have to do.


Take a step back.

Remind yourself of the fun and joyful things you have planned for 2020 (it’s still coming!)

Hang in there.

You got this.

And if you feel inspired to create your own ritual to mark the conjunction, go for it! Mine will include a fresh new candle, anointed with road-opening oil and marked with sigils for joyful success, plus an extra long visit with my Ancestors. There may even be champagne…

See you on the flipside!

Exact times (US Eastern)

  • 12 January, 11:59AM – Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22º Capricorn.
  • 13 January, 1:39 PM – Venus enters Pisces
  • 16 January, 1:31 PM – Mercury enters Aquarius

Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. A keen student of astrology, brain science and Law of Attraction, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. If you’d like Janette’s in-depth insights into your own unique astrological chart, you can find her via Facebook, or at her website Resonant Joy. Or for her special Astrology 101 resource, click this link.

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