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Let’s Talk About Lack. Because We Must.

by Confluence
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By: Jo Anna Dane – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Dear Spiritual People (especially the spiritual white women out there),

Let’s talk about lack.

We, as a group, have become so afraid of being in a so-called “lack mentality”, that we refuse to acknowledge actual lack.

We turn away from it, fearing that if we see and feel lack it will somehow makes us less spiritual. That in the awareness and ownership of what is lacking in our life, we will find the proof that we, in our core, are not enough. It makes us think we have done something wrong to offend the law of attraction gods. We put up blinders and place judgments on whomever might be buying into the belief that their lack is real.

Lack is real, though. Sometimes overwhelmingly so.

Our refusal to acknowledge it only serves to keep us from change.
From love.
From connection.
From fulfillment.

People lack external freedoms. People lack opportunities. 
They lack food. They lack water. They lack housing. They lack money. They lack health care.
People lack Love. Rest. Space. Time. Support. Safety.

These are real things. Real lack. 

They aren’t a sign that someone’s mindset needs to be shifted. 
It’s a sign that they are in the human experience and they have a need.

And we don’t want to see that. Not in ourSelves. Not in others. 
We want to pretend that we can shift it all by thinking pretty thoughts. 
We hold onto the notion that if we don’t let in the “negativity”, then it will all be ok and the pain can’t touch us. 
We won’t have to feel what hurts. We won’t have to feel the hurt in the world. 

We can go on pretending that somehow we, and others, are less than…all for not figuring out how to hack the system to manifest all the desires.

It is easier to think we are bad, than it is to feel our own ache and the ache of the world. 
It is easier to blame ourSelves than to risk living in instability (Which, guess what? We already do, even in the best of times.).

Yet that ache can be magic.

That ache is how we untangle from the pain. That ache is how we know how to take care of ourSelves. That ache is how we know how to care for others. That ache is how we actually make things better.

I have needs. You have needs. Everyone has needs.

We have the capacity within to know that, feel that and address it, on all levels, and in all arenas.

We must make having needs ok.

Only then we can be of service.
Only then we can fill the needs ourSelf and in others.
Only then will be able to destroy the systems that create unnecessary lack. 

We must first create pathways where our lack is acknowledged.
And met.


Hi! I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Dane, MA if we’re being fancy.

I believe the purpose of life is to have an amazing human experience. One where we honor the invitations of our Soul, end the war within and step into the fullness of our being. I work Root to Core to Crown, helping people destroy old stories, create new grooves and become who they have always been. I guide folks in 40 day inner explorations where we heal those big old “if only” issues and live in the embodiment of our truth. I’ve also created a revelatory dance & movement practice called RootCoreCrown.

I love to cook, to write and work on puzzles.
And…I know the secret to the perfect s’more.


My website is : http://joannadane.com/


You can friend me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joannadanerothman

Learn more about The RootCoreCrown Dance Practice: https://www.facebook.com/RootCoreCrownDance

Or find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fatgirlcooks/

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