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Super blood wolf moon Eclipse – AAAOOOOOOWWHHH!!!

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

We have a busy astro week this week, including a gorgeous Full Moon Eclipse in Leo (exact times below). And with all the major planets in forward motion, not a Retrograde to be seen, there’s a definite surge of forward momentum at play.

Which is fantastic in these last two weeks before we plunge into the Chinese New Year of the Pig, known for its favourable outlook on prosperity, good luck, and happiness.

First up, the Sun moves out of Earthy Capricorn, where so many planets are right now, and into Airy Aquarius (exact times below).

There’s a leavening effect, a lifting of pressure and an opening up to curiosity, new ideas, new concepts, new epiphanies, especially to do with our relationships to our communities.

Then within 24 hours, the Full Moon Eclipse lights up the Leo/Aquarius axis, landing in the Sun-ruled sign which links to our own creative expression, radiant and effulgent, shared with the world in some way. 

It’s a supermoon because that’s the nickname we give the moon at perigee, the closest point of its orbit around the Earth.

It’s a blood moon because it will be a total lunar eclipse, and very often the sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere picks up a red shade which in turn makes the moon look red.

And it’s a wolf moon because that’s simply the name we’ve given to the first full moon in January.

And just because our intellectual brains can understand why it’s extra bright and for some will look red – for those who get to witness it live, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in awe and wonder.

If you’re in the Americas (North and South) as well as western parts of Europe and Africa, you have a good chance of seeing this spectacular Eclipse live, while the rest of us will just have to imagine it or watch a live-stream. Either way, consider weaving its light into any rituals you choose to do at that time.

Leo is all about the delight of sharing something creative that we’re good at – whether that’s art, business, science, healing, mathematics or even politics. In other words, creativity in any branch of human endeavour.

Full Moons often illuminate things we couldn’t see before, so with the extra oomph of the Eclipse, this one may pull in something that’s been brewing invisibly backstage for some time, and is only now stepping into the limelight for resolution or healing or articulation.

You may experience a sudden craving for a new form of creative self-expression, finally clamouring to take its place centre stage in how you invest your time and attention.

With Leo and Aquarius lit up like this, by Moon and Sun respectively, we might also seek to find a balance point between what we want for ourselves (Leo), and what we want for our communities (Aquarius).

If you become aware of glitches in your relationships with your communities or your loved ones, take the opportunity to reset that balance in some way. You could also explore whether you might have been hiding your light in a way that’s bad for you, and also bad for those whom you wish to serve.

What wants to come forth through you which would bring you joy and also benefit your people?

The Full Moon also brings Mercury (our thoughts) and Pluto (our deepest hidden powers) into play.

That means you can tap into your ability to step back and analyse a situation with a cool, clear head; and that can help balance out any Plutonian sense of ‘OMG this power within me is too big to handle!!’.

And then, within a very short timeframe, we’ll also experience love-goddess Venus and ultra-optimist Jupiter meeting up in his home sign of Sagittarius.

It’s like the party-est of party moments, for bringing ease and joy to the way you do one-to-one partnerships and collaborations: relationships with your beloved, with colleagues, with clients, with managers, with best friends, all blessed with the rosy glow of cheerfulness and grace.

Venus is also in an awkward relationship to dreamy Neptune, so you may need to bring a little grounding to those one-to-one relationships.

Not in the muggle sense of ‘keep it real’ (because so-called reality can be harsh and overrated). But rather, in the sense of staying grounded in your own sovereignty, and not letting yourself be completely swept into a space where you lose touch with your own desires.

With Jupiter saying “allow” and Neptune saying “surrender”, it’s good to know that Venus is no shy, retiring, biddable young girl. In her DNA she has Ishtar and Aphrodite, both goddesses with whom you do not screw around.

When Venus takes a lover she takes him for her own benefit, not for his. She doesn’t lose herself in the mix, or lose sight of her own powers. Nevertheless, she can also find herself bending temporarily into a pretzel shape to please others – something which ultimately doesn’t ever end well. 

When Neptune is activated, we long to surrender and lose ourselves in the swirling cloud of energy, the Universal sense of all-is-one. They call it ‘falling’ in love with good reason.

When Jupiter is at play, everything he touches is expanded, and with this conjunction he expands the Venusian qualities of Venus herself. Jupiter doesn’t really get the concept of moderation, so it’s up to us to make our choices based on long-term benefit, not short-term gratification.

Ideally, we aim for the sweet spot, between the out-there, infinite and swirling possibilities of what-might-be with The Beloved and/or with the tribe to which we’re dedicated; and the super-strong boundaries of this-is-me-and-what-I-want.

Think and/and.

Not either/or.

My wants, and theirs too.

If you’re seeking a practical way to engage the Full Moon Eclipse, I highly recommend the Full Moon ritual created by Cindie Chavez.

Simple, yet absolutely beautiful.

Exact times:

Jan 20, 3:59 am Eastern US time – Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 21,12:16 am Eastern US time – Full Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) at 0º Leo

Jan 22 7:25 am Eastern US time – Venus conjunct Jupiter at 16º Sagittarius



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