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Astrology: Weird and wonderful astro-squalls, ahoy!

Astrology: Weird and wonderful astro-squalls, ahoy!
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On 13 Feb 1.20 am Eastern US time, Mars lines up in the sky with Uranus in the fiery, Mars-ruled sign of Aries, and we’re feeling the effects already. This configuration won’t happen again this century, so it’s worth understanding and making the most of it.

Mars – the action-man of the zodiac – passing through his own sign, is in the mood to get out and Make Shit Happen.

My good friend and colleague Kim Falconer describes Mars as our healthy aggression, the thing that makes us get up in the mornings. Yes, he’s the god of war, but he is not to be feared – he is enormously valuable to us.

Uranus is the leader of the rebel alliance, the breaker of rules and the shatterer of fences, who says ‘my way or the highway’ and pushes us beyond our comfort zone and past limitations.

Aries is all about taking the initiative, embarking on a fresh start, embracing the impossible quest, striding out into the world.

Put these three together without a little adult supervision, and it could look a lot like tilting at windmills and crashing through the jungle, trampling on small delicate creatures without even noticing.

It could look and feel like trying to fire off in multiple directions, diving into the next action and the next and the next, without even giving yourself time to draw breath.

It could look like throwing all caution to the winds and diving in without bothering to check how deep the water is first. When your head makes contact with the bottom, it hurts like fury and it can cause real harm.

But the good news is, you’re an adult, and you can grab the tiller at any time you choose, steering and harnessing this wild energy.

And you’re supported by asteroid Pallas Athena, with her talent for strategic thinking, wisdom, courage and creative intelligence. She sits directly opposite, in gracious Libra, a haven of calm and equilibrium, shining her spotlight of clear thinking into the mix.

You can lean into that dynamic when you want to plot a course through this potentially squally weather.

And then, you want to get really loose about how you define the concept of action. Action can include big bold striding out movement; and it can include still, quiet, focused and refined movement.

Apply a little wise planning, in terms of how you knit together multiple actions for maximum results.

And whatever action you end up taking, be sure to approach it with the conviction of a full cavalry charge.

For example – right now there’s an action calling me loud and clear.

My pantry needs one of those cleanouts where you take everything out. I suspect there are packets of lentils in there which were bought during Obama’s first term, and while they may have nostalgia value, they’re unlikely to be as tasty as I’d like.

But equally, since my hubby and I have had a week of 8 am starts and 11 pm finishes, all with excellent and highly inspiring reasons, my body is howling for more sleep.

If I sit on the couch trying to rest, while feeling guilty about the untidy pantry and those sadly out of date lentils, that’s not acting with conviction.

If I try to sort the pantry in a half-arsed way while yawning my head off, staring at dates because I can’t remember whether 2015 is in the past or the future, that’s never going to fly.

There are two actions required. A moment’s strategic thought makes it clear what will give me the best results.

First, I take myself off to the bedroom, set a timer to wake me gently in 90 minutes, and fully relax into that hour-and-a-half.

The old rules in my head say ‘have to do the work before you can take time off’.

Uranus says ‘screw the old rules’.

As long as I take my nap with commitment and conviction, I’m on track.

By doing the nap first, I enhance the quality of the next action – the cleaning out of the pantry – so that I’ll likely do it faster, more accurately, and with far less dithering.

My Mars-Uranus opposite Pallas Athene plan becomes first nap, then pantry, and do both really well.

And that’s my invitation to you.

Redefine what action means to you, from the perspective of a balanced and strategic thinker who isn’t bound by outmoded ideas about what action has to look like. Open up the ways in which you define action. See what happens when you bring fewer rules and more strategy to the mix, allowing in that fresh Aries dynamic.

By doing so, you’re likely to get more done, and feel better about it, than if you let the drive to action point you into a knee-jerk response where you scatter your energies all over, or find you’ve spent a whole weekend on one frustrating task that in the end you didn’t really care about anyway.

Even better, by opening up to a skillful navigational tactic, you can glide through this somewhat turbulent energy, picking up speed and momentum so you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve got done. And yes – that includes the possibility that you’ll spend a whole weekend napping like a boss, so that your body gets fully recharged and refreshed. If that’s the best action, then go for it, all out.

Do please note that for some folks, depending on where this lands in your chart, the fiery dynamic could see you feeling as jittery as if you just downed a whole cafétiere of strong coffee. If that’s you, burn off the excess energy by engaging physical movement, whether that’s dancing in the kitchen, running a half-marathon or finding something rewarding to scrub with a toothbrush.

Also please note that there will be people in your life who aren’t as savvy as you (bless their hearts), and they will also be feeling this surge of wild energy, and perhaps feeling somewhat rudderless. It’s not your job to sort it out for them – with the notable exception of small kidlets in your care. But it is smart to sidestep any fallout from their experience that threatens to spill over from their world into yours, if you can. Awareness is important here.

Mars and Uranus in Aries can team up to create a fabulous surge of get-shit-done energy, as long as you tap into the Pallas Athena strategic brilliance, to help you keep your footing as you navigate the whitecaps.



Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to help every person unlock their capacity for resonant joy, and live it. A keen student of astrology, brain science, chaos magic, law of attraction and positive psychology, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. Her international clientele raves about her wildly accurate, individualized readings, but she doesn’t do general weekly predictions – for those, Janette recommends Kim Falconer ( and Mystic Medusa ( Find Janette on Facebook or via her website – or you might like to pick up her free brain-rewiring resource, Identity Shift 101 here.




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