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3 Stories You Should Read 3/21/2019: 4Chan, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Trump

3 Stories You Should Read 3/21/2019: 4Chan, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Trump
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Why Trump suddenly says public should see Mueller’s report

Donald Trump, the President who refused to release his tax returns, just made an unexpected gesture towards transparency, saying he’d be happy for Americans to see Robert Mueller’s final report.

His comment is probably worth taking with a large pinch of salt. After all, just last week, Trump tweeted “there should be no Mueller report.”
The President, with his talent for shifting the terms of a debate, weighed in on the fate of Mueller’s yet-to-be-filed final report before heading to Ohio on Wednesday.
“I don’t mind. I mean, frankly, I told the House, ‘If you want, let them see it,'” Trump said when asked whether the American public had the right to see the fruits of the special counsel’s labors.


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It took one mass shooting for New Zealand to ban assault weapons

The US’s unique politics and political system make it much harder for the country to take similarly swift action.

Within 24 hours of the Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque shootings, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last Friday vowed that “our gun laws will change.” Less than a week later, on Thursday, Ardern announced sweeping changes to strengthen the country’s gun laws that will be in full effect by mid-April.

New Zealand already had much stronger gun laws than the US (as is true for developed nations in general). For one, New Zealand requires a license to buy and own firearms — a standard that only a few states in America have. But New Zealand’s laws still have gaps that have led to some critics describing the country’s laws as “patchy,” particularly when it comes to the registration and regulation of semiautomatic rifles (often known as assault weapons).



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Charlottesville Schools Close After 4Chan Threat

Days after the New Zealand mosque shootings, the Virginia city — hit by its own extremist violence in 2017 — closed schools.

Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, were closed Thursday after someone threatened on the anonymous social site 4chan to launch an attack on Charlottesville High School.

An anonymous poster claiming to be a student at the school threatened an “ethnic cleansing” there that would take place on Thursday, according to the message on 4chan reviewed by HuffPost. Other users goaded the poster, announcing, “School shooting tomorrow.” The messages reportedly were forwarded to local authorities on Wednesday evening.

It’s unclear whether the threat was legitimate, but Charlottesville City Public Schools closed schools out of caution, a police spokesperson said.





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