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5 Thoughts That Can Transform Any Situation

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By: Jeannette Maw  – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

We’ve all been there … a situation that seems unsolvable or hopeless. Something that makes us feel like we’ll never get where want to be.

Maybe it’s a tough financial spot we can’t see our way out of. Or a business venture that isn’t coming together. Perhaps a relationship challenge.

Whatever desire we might feel despondent about, the solution begins with finding just a couple of better feeling thoughts.

Here are five thoughts that can break the evil spell of feeling trapped or defeated and kickstart a powerful round of upgraded vibrations. Use them when nothing else works, or let them inspire your own better feeling thought for even better results:

1. Things aren’t as bad as I think. Sometimes we make the situation out to be worse than it really is. Even when it truly seems terrible, the act of declaring it not so bad can put it in check and suspend momentum on negative vibrations.

2. The answer is closer than it seems. When we’re stuck in contrast and limbo reigns, it’s easy to believe our solution is difficult and far off. Guaranteed the resolution is always closer than we think. Remembering that makes it so.

3. I don’t have to figure it out right now. Suspending the cycle of trying to force a resolution is sometimes what keeps it from happening. Giving ourselves a breather from the problem can work a special kind of magic.

4. I’m better at this than I realize. A feeling of helplessness or victimization perpetuates undesired circumstances. Reclaiming our power via this kind of thought helps break the evil spell of persistent contrast.

5. Things keep working out. When we think back on past challenges, we’ll see that we made it through each of those. This too shall pass.

The key to resolution of a situation that feels dire begins with a thought – any thought – that feels better. It liberates us from the vibration of hopelessness or failure to make room for happy unfoldings.


Jeannette Maw is the official manifesting geek and Good Vibe Coach who can’t stop talking conscious creation. The family knows her as the black sheep, friends call her a homebody, and ex-boyfriends agree she’s a crazy cat lady. She denies none of this. 


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