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Month: February 2020

Vox: Getting an abortion in “the most pro-life state in America”

Reading Time: 18 minutes Even before they sit down, though, patients are confronted with reminders that this place is under threat. A sign on the door reads “internal and external security surveillance: 24 hours a day.” Another, nearby, asks patients not to speak to protesters. Then there is the ominous poster on the waiting room wall: “The coastline of Louisiana is not eroding nearly as fast as a woman’s right to determine her own outcome.”

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Vox: Elizabeth Warren Exists

Reading Time: 5 minutes There is a smarter, even-tempered, non-oligarch candidate who has never stopped, frisk, ignored or incarcerated a black body.

Yes, Virginia, there is an Elizabeth Warren.

She exists.

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3 Stories You Should Read 02/19/2019: E. Jean Carroll, Pardons, Burger King

Reading Time: 2 minutes Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  Retrobution  Columnist E. Jean Carroll Says Elle Magazine Fired Her After Trump Rape Allegation The longtime advice columnist blamed her firing on the president, who she said “dragged me through the mud.” Author and longtime advice columnist E. Jean Carroll says she was fired from Elle magazine after President Donald Trump “dragged me through the mud” in response to her claim that he raped her years ago in a New York department store. Carroll, who authored Elle’s “Ask E. Jean”...

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Save Time with Easy Meal Hacks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many families experience the feeling of constant busyness, but there are ways to save time around the house and lift some of those burdens. Consider these simple ways to rethink your dinner routine in an effort to create more moments with loved ones.

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