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by Cindie Chavez
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“Karma, Baby.”

Have you seen or heard that particular phrase lately? I read it on Facebook this morning. Someone had an experience where they were treated badly and their response was “Karma, Baby.”

In case you’re not up on this catchy karma related response to ill will, it’s basically wishing something bad to befall the scoundrel that just offended you. Since they just did something “bad” to you, Karmic Law says that something equally bad will be coming their way. In a nutshell, it’s classic “what goes around comes around” philosophy.

Personally, I do believe that karma is “a thing”, however, my own views on the subject don’t include this type of instant retribution.

I do believe that “what goes around comes around” – because life is a series of ups and downs, and energy entrains to itself – so whatever “energy” we’re putting out is often exactly the kind of energy we attract.

That said, the whole “Karma, Baby” thing causes a certain reaction in me, basically an automatic cringing. Here’s why – because that thing that just happened to you, that caused you to say “Karma, Baby” – that thing the insensitive mean jerk just did to you, that no-good-rotten-horrible experience you just had – THAT was YOUR karma.

IF you believe in Karma – defined in the way you just used the phrase, then THAT thing that you just experienced is YOUR KARMA.

So, IF we are believing in Karma, then every Karmic debt will be, must be (because Karmic Law, Baby) PAID. Every karmic debt gets paid. So everything you experience as “bad” or uncomfortable is your karmic debt being paid.

In that case, maybe we should be thanking the jerk who said that awful thing to us.

A similar phrase that is obviously popular (evidenced by myriad memes and over 300,000 #karmaisabitch hashtags on Instagram right now) is “Karma is a bitch.” This one is usually uttered in the same sarcastic and vindictive fashion – you just did some effed up thing to me so I then say “Karma’s a bitch” – meaning “Hey buddy, what goes around comes around and karma’s coming to get you – you, Jerk!”

Our words are powerful (that’s why they call it “spelling”). So if our reaction to an offense is to speak the spell of “Karma, Baby” to our offender, when does it all end? Because at this point our ill will towards them (apparent in our vengeful spell) just creates more Karmic debt for us, and remember – every debt gets paid.

When Karmic debts get paid it feels uncomfortable, but not because when we do something bad Karma is going to punish us – that’s just us getting our “just desserts” – No, the times that Karma seems like a real bitch are the moments when we think we don’t deserve it, not when we know we do.

If you’re going to embrace the concept of Karma and Karmic Law, then you’ll have to be willing to understand that it plays out over lifetimes, over decades and even millennium. And every karmic debt gets paid, including yours and mine. We might not know exactly what incurred the debt, but it seems unwise to respond with an energy that will create more of the same.

Instead, why not focus on creating good Karma, the kind that heals the world. The word Karma literally means “action” and it refers to action driven by intention. And as Debasish Mridha so eloquently put it, “A glint of intention initiates the process of creation.”

We can choose to create a future with intentions that have the outcome of goodwill, instead of vengeful intentions that create more Karmic debts to be paid.  

The next time someone does something unthinkable to you, recognize that perhaps that was YOUR karmic debt being paid.

And maybe, just smile to yourself and thank them.


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