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Month: June 2018

I Am Not Going to be Celebrating the 4th of July and Here’s Why

Reading Time: 5 minutes I don’t think it’s appropriate to celebrate a holiday based on a history that has separated children from parents from the inception of our nation and has thousands in custody now that will not be returned to their parents.

I don’t think it’s wise to dedicate a red, white, and blue barbeque to a commercialized notion of God and country when by doing so we’re continuing to sell the illusion that holds this hostile takeover together.

So, as we’re facing down Independence Day wondering how we’re going to get our independence back, maybe the first step is to stop pretending everything is just fine when things are not. Pretending is exactly what they want us to do because if things look like they always have maybe we’re fine enough not to want to demand our democracy back.

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4 Tips for Tiny Changes that Create Big Shifts When Everything Seems to Suck

Reading Time: 5 minutes When we’re in the dumps the big changes are very seductive. It can be easy to think it’s time for massive shifts and big upgrades. 

However, that’s not the way the system really works. Big changes are hard to make and they are even harder to sustain. Big changes often don’t include the kind of incremental upgrades that really create a life transformed. Big changes look really bright and shiny, but they often set us up to fail. So while I’ve been that girl that wanted to wake up tomorrow all different than I am today, I’ve learned from experience, that baby stepping it up to feeling better is a much more effective way to go. 

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U.N., Cohen, Women’s Protest: 3 Stories You Should Read Today- 6/29/2018

Reading Time: 3 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of: The power of women with aluminum blankets Almost 600 arrested at Washington protest over Trump immigration policy Demonstrators sat on floor of Senate office building to condemn treatment of migrant families, with more rallies planned Nearly 600 protesters, mostly women, were arrested on Thursday after they staged a non-violent action in the heart of a US Senate office building in Washington against Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy towards immigrants and separation of families at the border. The mass protest was one of...

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Tonglen is an exceedingly simple meditative practice in which one visualizes taking in the suffering of oneself and others on the in-breath, and on the out-breath sending recognition, compassion, and relief. It involves being willing for those brief moments to “take on” the suffering of the world (or those specific people or groups that you have chosen to focus on) as you breath in, and then imagining that this suffering is being transmuted into goodness, love, compassion as you breath out, sending blessings and relief to those who are suffering.

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