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How To Begin Decluttering When You Don’t Have The Time Or The Energy

by Confluence
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By: Jacqueline Gates – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

I’m seeing soooo many nudges from everywhere that decluttering + clearing out + making space is a ‘thing’ in the energy of right-now.

Spring is waiting in the wings in the Northern Hemisphere, plus there’s a Virgo moon this week, so if you’ve been feeling the urge to chuck everything, you can blame both the stars and the season.

Here’s what I know after years of unfolding the power of Intentional Nesting and teaching clients the magic of Living-As-If –

  1. We are all surrounded by the physical residue of Who-We-WERE. Everything in your home and wardrobe and pantry is the tangible result of a previous decision.
  2. When you begin strategically and intentionally clearing out the stuff that anchors Who-You-Were, to make room for the stuff that amplifies Who-You’re-Becoming, everything changes.
    Faster + easier.

Neither you, nor your nest can emerge unchanged from a thank-and-release campaign.

Ask yourself …

What could be possible if your home truly reflected + nourished + amped up your desired Becoming? In other words, it looked like the woman you dream of being already lived there?

What could you DO and BE in the world if your home fed your soul + recharged your batteries
so that you could go out and do ThatThingYouDo with wholehearted attention?

Juicy, yes?

That’s why Intentional Nesting 101 is “Clear The Stage”.

Shall we begin?

  1. Get a sturdy, medium-sized box.
  2. Put it somewhere accessible. (Mine is on the floor in the pantry)
  3. Whenever you see/notice/pick up something that you KNOW you don’t need/love/use,
    put it straight in the box. Thank it for its service + wish it well in its future service of others.

** see note

  1. Aim for ONE thing per day. (grace, remember)
  2. When the box is full, move it out to your car. This is uber-important + part of the non-metaphorical magical process. Get that stuff OUT of your nest.
  3. Drop said box off to the verynext thrift store you pass.
  4. Replace said box with a fresh, empty new one.

Why this works:
It’s easy + grace-filled + non-triggery.
It’s a start … and starting builds momentum.
It doesn’t require planning or a chunk of time. In other words, it’s an excuse-zapper.


Releasing one-thing-per-day into the Transit box can escalate rapidly.
You may find yourself delightedly adding five or six things at once!
The box can get full in a day or less.
(There’ve been reports of boxes filled in a hour!)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just stay calm and move the box out to your car.
Breathe deep.
It’ll be ok. You’ve got this.


Why, yes, dahlingheart, I AM telling you to talk to your stuff.
Everything is energy.
Everything you own has a miniscule (or maybe a lot) of YOU (your stardust + attention + memories + emotions) embedded in it.
Addressing that with words of thanks + releasing it with grace will allow you to feel the relief + expansive possibilities of the space it leaves behind.

Try it.

You won’t be the same. I guarantee it.



Jacqueline Gates has mastered the art of applying theatrical skills to anchor and amplify the manifesting technique known as acting-as-if.  Because when you begin LIVING-as-if you already are who you secretly dream of becoming, it won’t stay a secret very long.



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